The wind farm is planned to be located on the high ground west of the township of Maroona, adjacent to Andrews Lane. The site envelope within which the wind turbines will be located is shown in the map below and consists largely of cleared farming land.

Chepstowe Map

Site Location (click to view larger)

The site receives undisturbed wind flow with strong, consistent wind speeds, and enjoys large setbacks to nearby dwellings. The local electricity grid runs alongside the site, and there are no tourist attractions or major roads in the immediate area.

Wind Farm
The proposed wind turbines will have an overall height up to 150m (to the tip of the blade).

The turbines will be separated from each other by several hundred metres with access tracks between them leading to the site entrance on Andrews Lane. All cables within the site will be laid underground.  The wind farm will connect into the existing power line which runs across the site.